Digital Cameras Are So Confusing….

This is awesome on so many levels.

2 thoughts on “Digital Cameras Are So Confusing….”

  1. Jordan,

    That is really something alright. I love the “second bonus camera for free” hook as well. The perfect buyer for this unit surely has some friends who also hate those incredibly difficult digital cameras. You gotta be a rocket scientist to use them, after all.

    Seriously though, you know what would be a great idea for simplifying these amazingly complicated devices? Maybe someday they’ll invent some kind of media that you could just slide out of the camera and take to the photo lab to pick up some good old prints. That would almost be like using a film camera, except without the cost of film. Now there’s something for someone really brilliant to work on. Probably make a fortune.

    Great find.

  2. Hahahaha – that is great! I should have told the students I had for my camera class forget that nasty digital when for only $10 you can get TWO cameras! I might actually download to that my ipod and use it for presentation breaker for my next class!

    And Norm – great idea on that whole little thing you take out of your camera and bring to the photo lab without the cost of film! 🙂

    lol – I second Norm – great find

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