Coming up this week…

It was a productive weekend and I was able to do a fair amount of both reading and writing.  I will be rolling out my extended series on the inner city of Saskatoon this week (Monday night as well as on Wednesday and Thursday mornings) as well as three new episodes of the series next week.

I also spent some time writing up the Saskatchewan Party, NDP, and Liberal campaign platforms for them this weekend although I really dropped the ball big time since I don’t have an iPad app for the Sask. Party cabinet members to read this with.  The Liberal platform will be out later this week.  Look for the NDP and the Saskatchewan Party campaign platforms next week.  I am working on some federal campaign platforms to come out after Thanksgiving.

So I’ll let you know now, expect some long pieces on urban planning and economic development as well as some long form politics pieces coming out.  I should also be launching a new housing portal and a tweak of this site in October.  As usual, if you have any feedback, let me know in the comments or at jordoncooper AT

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