I Write Like…

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One thought on “I Write Like…”

  1. I write like him, too! Even though I never heard of him!

    So I tried:
    “Put ten thousand dollars in unmarked bills in a sack. Leave it in the trash bin outside Coliseum Burgers next to the Raider’s stadium, or you will never see your dog again!”
    and that comes out Cory Doctorow!

    So I put in a quote from Wallace:
    “I often think I can see it in myself and in other young writers, this desperate desire to please coupled with a kind of hostility to the reader. ”
    and it came out Arthur Conan Doyle!

    Then I took some Jordon Cooper writing and it came out Cory Doctorow, too!

    Better head down to the Coliseum and pick up your sack of money. It’s pretty heavy, it’s all in Loonies!

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