Why Google Can’t Build Social Media Applications

Interesting essay on how the DNA and culture of Google will stop it from building or acquiring social media applications

So, to summarize: Google is responsible for Orkut, Wave, and Buzz. Ex-Googlers are responsible for Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter. Discuss.

One thought on “Why Google Can’t Build Social Media Applications”

  1. > Google apps are for working and getting things done; social apps are for interacting and having fun.

    Would you say the emerging church is too much “google”? That is, too much emphasis on getting things done, too much “pure work”? And too little interaction and too little fun?

    Far too many emerging churches attempt to monetize church (usually unsuccessfully), like the way Google monetized search (suvccessfully).

    For my masters, I designed an online church system (in 1987), that today would be a “tweeting” church. What would emerging church 2.0 (semantically, really 3.0) look like – twitter, facebook, foursquare? …

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