The Concentration of Services in Riversdale has broke my weblog

Ever since The StarPhoenix’s Dave Hutton wrote an article covering Pat Lorje’s suggestion that the concentration of social services in Riversdale has become a problem, I have been thinking about it, had to conversations with Councilor Lorje, read some material she gave me, and spent a lot of time looking at city demographics, urban planning theory, and even spent a lot of evenings walking around Riversdale, Pleasant Hill, Caswell Hill (it’s on the way home), and King George… sometimes looking around, other times just soaking up the vibe.  Oh yeah, I started to write.  In what was supposed to be a short reply grew from 500 words to 5000 words and last night moved a little past 10,000 words.  As I was about to push post, I realized that at 10,000 word post was insane and I a) needed to hire a good editor or b) needed to break my thoughts into a series.

So hopefully between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. tonight, the series will be uploaded and linked together and I finally have some measure of closure in my life.

Update: Not so fast.  To make a long story short, during the final edits, I wanted to research some more about mental health issues and Riversdale as well as I started to read about what the concentration of services in Skid Row had done to that neighborhood. 

I am off to the cabin today until Sunday but I plan to bring my netbook along and post something later tonight if not tomorrow.

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