What’s Wrong with SCN?

SCN A couple of months ago the Saskatchewan Party announced that they were going to shut down or sell the Saskatchewan Communication Network.  I wanted to be really upset over this but I just can’t.

After almost 20 years of flipping to the SCN regularly, I have enjoyed a total of three local shows.  I watched the Big Dig, a documentary on the Saskatchewan watershed and the other day I watched a good documentary on the restoration of Convocation Hall.  I went to the SCN website and it took me an hour of searching Google, the SCN website, and the U of S website to find the link which is about to prove my point, it’s really hard to be a fan of the SCN.

I love local programming and film making but what the SCN is broadcasting almost never matches up with what SaskTel Max  is showing, the website is poor quality with a horrible search engine or a online store, and they seem to be ignoring social media (no Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, or weblog) that I can find.  There is a website but it isn’t do anything for the network, the province, or the content creators.  Hire an intern, give them a Twitter account and a blog, develop a partnership with the National Film Board (scn.nfb.ca) or the CBC (scn.cbc.ca) for the backend and create a great online store where I can pay to download or purchase a DVD of what I watched.

My hope is that someone who understands modern media purchases the SCN and makes the network a lot more user friendly.  I love Saskatchewan content but they deserve a network that can present their work to the country and the world.

The worst thing that can happen is that the network shuts down but the second worst thing would be for the Saskatchewan government to fund them at subsistence funding levels they appear to be at now.  The SCN could be so much more but it needs a vision, funding, and management that can deliver a network that all of Saskatchewan wants to watch and takes Saskatchewan content to the world.

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