Busy right now

I haven’t posted much here lately for the obvious reasons that life has been quite busy.

  • Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan I am trying to decide whether or not I want to take enrol in Commerce‘s Edward’s School of Business business certificate program.  Of course my other option is to do the Chapters self-directed MBA but the business certificate is a little more useful later on in life.  Some co-workers have taken the course and have found it useful.  My biggest weakness is numbers and business projections.  While I have a good gut feel for it, I have relied pretty heavily on some co-workers in this area in the past and they are no longer here.  While their replacements are great at their jobs, they don’t have the same experience we lost.
  • We have spent little time at the cabin this summer.  Party it has been the weather.  Partly it has been Wendy‘s work schedule and the other part of it has been that Mark has been in a lot of trouble.  It’s hard to ground him in his room and then leave for the lake so we have been chilling out at home for the last couple of weekends.
  • With the record amount of rain has come a record amount of mosquitoes.  Last night while painting our Adirondack chairs (a pleasant cranberry color), Wendy swatted mosquitoes several times.  The only problem was that she was holding her paint brush while doing it.  She had more paint on her than she got on the chair.  We are using a fade and peel resistant door paint on the chairs.   Time will tell how they do but I plan to tarp them for the miserable Saskatchewan winter.  On a related note: Lee, I have taken over the lawn chairs you left at our place but feel free to use them at the cabin.  I’ll let you and Wendy fight over who gets to sit there.

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