Monday Morning

The weekend that was: Oliver was sick all weekend.  As Wendy blogged, we ran out to Jysk and got some new side panels for the gazebo.  Wendy found some time to put together a Mother’s Day gift guide over at Jordon Cooper Outfitters as well.

Where I am at the moment: As Dopplr says, I am in Saskatoon.

On my to-do list this week:  We plan to be at the cabin this weekend so I have to do some things for that like paint two Adirondack chairs, finish up a stair to the cabin, and pack some stuff.  I am also going to price out what a pathway like this around the cabin would look like.  I really like it.

Procrastinating about:  I forgot to pick up my taxes at H&R Block.  No penalties as I am getting a refund but now I have to go downtown and do it.

Book I’m in the midst of: Godforsaken Sea: The True Story of a Race Through the World’s Most Dangerous Waters.  The story of the Vendee Globe, where a series of insane sailors race around the globe sailing solo.

Music that seemed to catch my attention this past week:  Pat Boone singing heavy metal.  In hindsight, maybe I should have borrowed this CD before I bought it.

How I’m feeling about this week:  The sun is finally out so I am enjoying it while it lasts.

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