Meadowlands West

49ers Stadium 

According to Yahoo! Sports

A stadium proposal for the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara, California, is apparently planning a facility that could fit two home teams, according to ABC7, leading to speculation that the Niners and Oakland Raiders could move to Santa Clara together.

This could make the proposal more attractive to Santa Clara voters who would have to put less of their tax dollars into the stadium if another team were there to offset some of the supposed $937 million in costs it will take to erect the thing.

I am not sure what to think about this.

  • The New York Jets and the New York Giants have successfully shared Giants Stadium for years and will continue to share their new stadium.  Two different fan bases means that home games have a much different feel.  Let’s be honest, a Oakland Raiders home game is never going to be confused with a San Francisco 49ers home game (49ers fans can read and walk upright).  Two NFL franchises in one stadium makes a lot of financial sense.
  • Are there two worse stadiums in the NFL than Oakland Coliseum and Candlestick Park?  Just read the Wikipedia entries on both of them (although according to Sports Illustrated, they are not the two worse fan experiences in the game, that honor goes to the St. Louis Rams), they are two really poorly designed stadiums from a previous era.  Now common sense will dictate that the new stadium will be much improved but I think there is a reasonable chance that the new stadium could be so bad, it brings about the apocalypse.  Apparently building world class stadiums is not something Californians are comfortable with.
  • More realistically with the current economic climate in California, the stadium won’t see any public money.  No offense to the 49ers or the Raiders but right now is a hard time to ask the state for funding for a sports franchise, especially two incompetently run franchises.  I am not saying it won’t happen but its been a hard sell so far for voters to buy in.  One stadium/two teams is a lot easier sell for many than a billion dollar stadium now and a billion dollar stadium a decade from now when Al Davis’ corpse threatens to move his team again.

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  1. > Let’s be honest, a Oakland Raiders home game is never going to be confused with a San Francisco 49ers home game…

    Yeah, but look at the education value – your kid can learn a lot of medical terms, while listening to the EMT’s in the end zone. Words like “serrefine” can make a kid a lot of money! And other words, like … oops. almost forgot, this is a family blog:)

    Seriously, come on down and I’ll take you to Raider Nation. You will love it – totally different from the black hole.

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