Contextless Links

  • Why Bruins fans will never forget the pain of losing to the Philadelphia Flyers :: Brianna works with patients of traumatic brain injuries, and they call it perseverating. You can change the topic a 100 times, but they’ll still focus on their cat Simon, regardless of your assurances that the thing got run over by an 18-wheeler 20 years ago. And Barry was perseverating. I mean, we only had to win ONE more game. It was just … It was just …
  • harper Well Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama is in a lot of trouble for wearing this really ugly shirt out in public but the way I look at it, if the Leader of the Opposition Stephen Harper could survive this fashion mistake, Hatoyama can survive this blunder.  Actually it seems like Yukio Hatoyama’s biggest mistake was wearing the shirt at anyplace other than the Calgary Stampede (the mecca for politicians who don’t know how to dress like westerners).
  • Dan Wetzel is right, LeBron James should stay in Ohio but I doubt he will :: Since he developed into a high school star in Akron, LeBron spoke of pleasing his people, putting his hometown on the map. Even as a 16-year-old he reveled in national media coming to his town. After the Cavs drafted him, he spoke endlessly about delivering that long-sought championship parade. He said it would be a celebration like no other. He isn’t wrong about that.  So now, with the times getting tough, with other cities batting their eyes, he’s just going to walk away?  This decision will say a lot about James. And if he’s off to Chicago or New York it will disappoint many who have known him the longest, in a way that goes beyond the selfishness of fandom. :: ESPN has him leaving for Chicago which makes sense as he has this odd Michael Jordan obsession.

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