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  1. I have mixed feelings about the lead pipe policy. I agree that every single one should be replaced ASAP; however, I also understand that a good chuck of those affected are not going to have two grand on hand now or over a 2 year payment window.

    I think Councillor Lorje had it right that we should looking at doing something similar to the flood levy to raise the funds to do a systematic replacement of these old lines. Though I am not entirely convinced that it’s the absolute right answer.

    1. Looking back, I agreed with Councillor Lorje that we need a levy to upgrade the pipes but there seemed to be little support on city council for such an idea.

      It’s kind of odd to hit local homeowners for the cost of the upgrade as the city/province/country does not traditionally hit up regions with higher taxes when they upgrade infrastructure. The way the city is doing it now makes me a little uncomfortable and seems to be in response to the misguided anger of the flood levy.

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