Apology as a commodity

I tried to link to the Nike commercial featuring Tiger Woods today but Nike Golf had it taken off of YouTube (while oddly leaving thousands of other Tiger Nike ads online).  Let’s just assume you have seen it.

By running a commercial that is essentially what Tiger has said is a private matter, doesn’t he commoditize everything he has been saying about being sorry and remorseful and at the same time totally wipe away the line between Tiger Woods the person and Tiger Woods the Nike spokesperson.  I joke a lot about selling out here but this may be the most complete expressions of that I have ever seen.

I like both Nike products and Tiger Woods as a golfer but I was at a loss that both of them would go and do this.  I understand Nike’s need to “rebrand” Tiger for their own purposes but it is almost as if this commercial further solidifies him to his past.  As one commentator said last night, “Many of us have existential conversations with our deceased parents as we reflect on life but most of us keep those private.”