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  • Anyone else find it weird that an American multinational has to be the one that creates a commercial showing Canadians how much we love the game of hockey.  I am just saying that it’s weird.  via

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  1. How bad is it that I kind of liked the commercial (even after what you said) and it gave me warm fuzzies. Maybe I’m still feeling endorphins from last nights game…

  2. Well, I guess you have to understand America’s ability to capitalize on anything that makes them money. Then, you have to understand, strangely, that most Americans would not connect with it, which makes it truly Canadian. Even growing up in Michigan, and, playing hockey in the frozen streets with an ball and snow boots I really did not understand the “hockey thing” until I was on a high school band trip and was sitting in a diner in Hamilton Ontario with a Maple Leafs game on the tube and everyone in the place going nuts! It was truly a “wtf” moment (I went to a Christian School so I must use the acronym). I still am amazed at the Canadian obsession with it. (Of course, I am also amazed at the British obsession with cricket and the Aussie’s with rugby etc).

  3. Re: Coke Commercial. You were thinking it should have been Tim Hortons? Oh yeah. They’re an American Co too!!!

    1. Stephen Harper would be dismayed. Tim Horton’s is a Canadian company again. It was so important he left the G20 meetings early for a Tim Horton’s photo op.

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