When the church runs out of ideas.

Aha! We are fresh out of ideas

How many times have we seen this format in the last couple of months.  TED, Christianity 21, the Nines, a couple other copycat conferences that have numbers in them, now this.  A copycat conference with the same speakers, peddling their wares in a fixed format.  Tell me again where the fresh idea is?  C’mon.  There are better options out there than following the latest trend.  It gets embarrassing again.  Especially when it comes from an organization called “Leadership Network”.

I am waiting for a conference on helping evangelical clergy deal with their addiction to conferences.  That is one I would go to.

6 thoughts on “When the church runs out of ideas.”

  1. but that would feed your addiction.

    conferences are for for professional church people who have their way paid. most of us lay people can’t afford the loss of work, the travel, the accomodations, the ticket, etc….

    poor people do conference all the time. we just do it around tables in our kitchens and local coffee houses, pubs and eateries. no promises of Your Best Life Now or Become a 21st Century Missional Minded Rockstar for Jesus!

    just saying……

  2. Pam,
    I’m sure you knew I was kidding. I think the Church desperately needs to break out of the cycle of conferences where there is an expectation that they/we will learn something that will “radically transform” the local church. In the 28 years I’ve been a Christian, after all the conferences I’ve been to or heard about, I am not aware of one that had truly any lasting impact.

    Perhaps others have.


  3. Do you still think there is some about gathering from different places? I don’t think I’d be as affected by some lives today if I hadn’t had the chance to meet, laugh, have a meal together…

    1. I agree with you on that. There is tremendous value in that but I was just more annoyed with Aha! using the same format that everyone else is doing and actually pretending this was the least bit creative.

      Of course with Aha!, it isn’t even a gathering but a webcast. It seemed to me that Leadership Network is just going through the motions on this one, just like all the other people who use the TED format again and again and again but just change the minute people can talk.

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