Personal Safety Kits

Driving back and forth to Spiritwood a couple of times a week over a decade meant that I went through a lot of bad weather and really dangerous driving conditions.  While I had some extra clothes and a some basic car equipment with me, if we had hit the ditch in a bad spot, it could have been hours before anyone would have stopped and in the Canadian winter, it would not have been pleasant.

Like I wrote before, Wendy bought me Survive! for Christmas and I have enjoyed the section on survival kits.  He listed some essentials for what everyone should have before heading out on the road and with it getting really, really cold in Saskatchewan, I thought I would post it over at Jordon Cooper Outfitters.  I am not one of those “live in a compound” survivalists but I have had to walk for miles more than once to get help when stranded at the side of the road (hit a deer twice, avoided hitting a deer once, icy roads).

Looking back at it, because I didn’t feel comfortable riding out the occasional storm, I took risks that I never should have (once while driving home, I had to get out of the car to figure out where the road was and where I was on said highway).

Stroud has a more complete survival pack list that I’ll post this weekend (it took an hour or so putting this one together).

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