Goodbye to Emergent Village?

Andrew Jones wrote this today on his blog

ev3 Also over is any official relationship I have left with one of those emerging church groups called Emergent Village. EV is a hard group to leave because its a flat structured organization and there is no one to inform that you are de-friending yourself, or getting de-friended, from this "generative friendship". Also hard because there are so many wonderful people still involved.

The EV website stated last year, "Those who started emergent were at the National ReEvaluation Forum in 1998; those who will take it into the next chapter will be at Christianity21." I wasn’t at Christianity21 but I have been watching as new theological emphases and sectarian attitudes towards church emerge (well described by Wikipedia’s North American Emergent Movement) and it is just not something that I can lend my name to or my time. In the early days, I joined the leadership of the Young Leaders group (that eventually became Emergent Village) because it was more about uniting churches around mission and equipping people to reach the next ‘postmodern’ generation. I hope they can shift it back again to its origins.

Perhaps the best response was from Rick Bennett

The Emerging Church, the controversial Christian movement that inspired many to plant churches, leave behind their faith and question authority, died in her sleep Thursday following a short illness. She was 21 (according to some sources).

The cause was cardiac arrest, according to spokesperson Steve Knight. According to police, foul play and suicide have not been ruled out at this time. According to person of interest, Andrew Jones, she was ready to die and beyond any life-saving treatment.

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  1. ha … i was there. at the ReEvaluationForum, in Glorietta NM Fall ’98. didn’t know a soul, drove down from Denver, best workshop ( for me, maybe where i was at at the time? ) was Jimmy Long’s … took a chapter from his book Generating Hope and unpacked what he saw as differences between modern and postmodern leadership styles. Ten years later he re-released GH as Emerging Hope, as part of a larger curriculum ‘kit’ … … all seems kind of passe now, but at the time it was helpful. As Long, a regional director for IVCF-USA, puts it in the preface to the revised edition … “for the first twenty years of my ministry, I had a vision to prepare students for the church. For the last ten years and the coming ten years, my vision is to prepare the church for our “emerging postmodern students” and help churches not only welcome these young people but eventually give over leadership of the church to them in the next ten to twenty years”.


  2. Interesting world. What a very interesting chapter to have been a part of. I remember when I blogged about what parts I was and was not a part of in the whole emerging scene back in the day – that seemed to be when it was beginning to fragment into a few different things. I feel fortunate to have kept some very close friends through all that. Peace, Jordon.

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