Contextless Thoughts

  • Some friends are adopting out of Haiti right now.  Their kids survived but unlike almost every other western government, the Canadian government is not allowing adopted kids to come home to their adopted parents.  Of course the orphanage where the kids are is overwhelmed by new cases, running low on supplies, and the resources that could be used to help new kids are being used up on kids that should be allowed to come to Canada.  WestJet has offered to pick up the kids while Jason Kenney talks about process and puts down what other countries have done.  Since when is process more important than getting starving at risk kids to parents who have already been approved for adoption by the provincial and Canadian governments.
  • I managed to jab myself with a dirty needle.  Three words for you.  Post-exposure prophylaxis.  I am a really low risk and no fluids seemed to interact but it is frustrating.  The side affect has been a splitting headache which is tolerable.
  • I my dental regimen of only going to a dentist when the pain becomes unbearable isn’t paying off that well.  I was at Wal-Mart on Saturday when I felt like I had been hit in the face by Elin Woods.  I bought some extra strength Advil, took four, came home, took two more, feel asleep and woke up to a swollen face.  The pain is gone but the swollen face still exists. 
  • There has been a lot of cool stuff being posted over at Jordon Cooper Outfitters.   There are several fun products being looked at this week.  I have posts set up until the middle of March which means there isn’t much pressure to do anything on nights I would rather nap than look for cool stuff.  Of course in looking for cool stuff, I find even more cool stuff to post which is kind of fun.  One I have enough stuff posted, I plan to start putting together some feature articles about them which is the next step in creating the site.  If you like the site and want to contribute, submit your product and I’ll get it online.

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