2009 in Review

This is late but we all need to deal with disappointment in our lives.

Memorable events for 2009:

Favorite books I read in 2009:

Favorite TV Shows I watched in 2009:

Favorite movies I watched in 2009:

  • Cue tumbleweed.  I never watched a single movie in 2009.  I bought a lot of movies but just never watched any of them. 

Favorite food for 2009:

  • I rediscovered my love of Shreddies.

Best Sporting Moments of 2009:

  • Denver starts the season 6-0.

Worst Sporting Moments of 2009:

  • Toronto Blue Jays stunk, Calgary Flames lost in the playoffs again, Saskatchewan Roughriders can’t count to 12 without going over, Denver firing Mike Shanahan and then alienated most of their talented players.

4 thoughts on “2009 in Review”

  1. as a Denverite and a shorty rooting for a shorty, I was excited, then disappointed greatly by the Broncos this year. I think Josh is going to be a great coach. He has all the right tools, he is just a wee bit immature maybe for the head coach job. His emotion is great on one hand, but could be his downfall on the other hand. A coach needs to hold the reigns of the team and be the “boss”, but you can’t be a turd about it and not alienated spoiled athletes. They actually did much better than I was expecting.

    1. Have you ever watched Friday Night Lights? It loses its way a little in the first part of Season 2 but pretty solid. I like all the intersections of not only sports but small town politics, religion, education, etc.

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