NFL Network Sunday Morning

Michael Irvin I have never been a big fan of Michael Irwin as a pundit.  I have always liked him as a player but his commentary has always been a little too Michael-centric for my perspective.  Last week he made the declaration that he would give up his three Super Bowl rings and his Hall of Fame bust for one 19-0 perfect season.

Today they debated his statement again and it was amazing television.  Warren Sapp, Steve Mariucci, Marshall Faulk, and Michael Irvin all had their say but at the end Irvin gave this passionate rebuttal that actually gave me goose bumps.  His basic argument is that there are no perfect human beings but if you have a chance to be perfect as a team, why not give everything up for it.

A couple of years ago when the NFL Network started to have panels, I remember thinking that it was a network of B level football celebrities.  Not only are they greatly superior to FOX Sports, they rival NBC’s Sunday night crew. 

I would be curious to know if Michael Irwin’s improvement as a commentator and host came from just being more comfortable on television, more experience, or if has to do with the production team at the NFL Network and the situations they put him in.  I used to turn the channel when he was on and now I find myself looking forward to his thoughts.

For the record, I found myself agreeing with Michael Irvin, if you have a chance to go 19-0, go for it.

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