City Hall Notebook

This is cool, the Star Phoenix has launched a new blog covering City Hall.  While I was adding them to the blogroll, I also added Norm Fisher to the blogroll.  Norm is a realtor but he could be a writer and is a lot of fun on Twitter as well.  At work I keep an eye on the housing market and while I used to go to CMHC for the information, I eventually bookmarked Norm Fisher’s blog as it has the information that I want to have.

Speaking of the Star Phoenix, we get a couple of copies at work so I never subscribed at home.  They phoned the other night and I said “sign us up” as Mark is at the same age I was when I started to read the paper every day.  Since we got it at home, every night he comes home, cracks open the paper and reads every word.  I keep thinking I should be getting him a pipe and a cup of brandy.

One thought on “City Hall Notebook”

  1. Thanks so much for the link Jordon, and the kind words. I have to take some time to explore your extensive blog roll and begin to build a list of Saskatoon stuff myself.

    Merry Christmas to you and Wendy.

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