I watched my first episode of Survivorman last night which had Les Stroud taking shelter in Taroka Arm, Alaska.  He was cold, hungry, and battled hypthermia.  He did manage to make a nice shelter but then almost killed himself by starting himself on fire.  The title refers to the host of the show, Canadian filmmaker and survival expert Les Stroud, who uses his vast survival skills to survive for up to seven days alone filming his adventures in remote locales where he brings with him little or no food, water, or equipment. The fact Stroud spends his time alone without a production crew is a major focus of the show (differentiating it from the similarly themed Man vs. Wild).  During the filming of each episode, Stroud is alone and operates all the cameras himself. He is equipped with only his clothes, camera equipment, his harmonica, a Leatherman multi-tool, and often "everyday items" relevant to the episode’s particular survival situation or locale.

I didn’t know what to expect but I really, really enjoyed the show.  I learned a bit, found it pretty entertaining but I found myself quite curious about the technology he uses to film the show (kayak camera mounts, batteries used and other stuff).  I also learned that if even rancid fish can be eaten if cooked properly.  I read that he stopped making Survivorman after season 3 because of the toll it was taking on his body and I can’t blame him.  He looked pretty close to be exhausted while filming the episode Mark and I watched.  Now I need to track down the DVDs. 

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