Survivorman Logo Well Mark went Halloweening as Survivorman tonight.  I am not sure where the idea came from (other than we watch the show around here every night on OLN but then again, he didn’t ask to go as Jason Hawes or Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters). 

We went over the Dollarama and got him an appropriate bandana and a walking stick (he had a multi-tool already).  Wendy put some makeup on him and he looked like he was ready to go out and survive for 7 days without food or water.  The main difference between Mark and Les Stroud is that Mark started went out Halloweening to get his food supplies while Survivorman has to eat grasshoppers, scorpions, and the occasional snake.


Speaking of eating grasshoppers; Mark and I were watching Survivorman the other night and he was in the desert of Arizona where he was dining on a couple of them.  This is the dialogue that started afterwards.

Mark: I could do that next summer at the cabin.

Jordon: Do what?

Mark: Eat a grasshopper.  They are everywhere.

Jordon: You are going to eat a grasshopper?!

Mark: Yeah, you just take the head off it and the stomach comes out.

Jordon: I was just watching that with you.

Mark: It will be cool.

Jordon: If you go through with it, I will give you $10.

Mark: Awesome, I can eat a grasshopper and get $10.

Silence for a while as Survivorman comes back on television.

Mark: Don’t tell Mom that I am going to eat a grasshopper.

Jordon: I am so telling Wendy that you are going to eat a grasshopper and if you do, it will go on YouTube.

Mark: YouTube, this is going to be awesome.

Jordon: I had a dog that used to eat grasshoppers. 

Mark: Did it sick from tapeworms?

Jordon: I think survival rules are different for dogs.  They eat everything.

As for how Halloween went… it was too cold and miserable to take Oliver out in it and I doubt if we had 30 kids all night come to the door.  Oliver spent his entire night trying to get into the candy and then get away fast enough to a place where he could take the wrapper off of it.

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