Well Oliver is feeling a lot better today.  Well I don’t know how bad he felt yesterday but there hasn’t been any seizures.  He is currently hitting Mark with a plastic golf club.   I guess that means that a) the medication is working fine or b) I heard some stories of young children that staff knew of that had seizures that were never explained and never happened again so let’s hope that is what happened.  Of course we won’t know until we see the specialist.

This is a really fun coincidence but the pediatrician that saw Oliver last night is friends with Nashville’s Jim Palmer who among other things is famous for writing some really good books, getting attacked by sea lice with me in Bahamas, and for not stopping me from buying the ugliest shirt in the western world (which I need to take a photo of).  That’s only two degrees of separation.  I wonder how many degrees until we meet Kevin Bacon.

3 thoughts on “Oliver”

  1. For little boys, a sign of good health is physical violence. 😉

    Glad he is doing better – have been praying for you guys.

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