The Cold Hard Truth

Playing basketball with Mark

Mark and Oliver’s babysitter is just down from Mayfair School.  I generally drive home, park the car and walk the three blocks down to pick them up.  While at home, I grab a basketball and then Mark and I play one on one at the school on the way home.  Today while playing, Mark started to back me down towards the hoop.  He made a post move and seemed shocked to see me still standing over two feet for him.  At the same time he had this look on his face that said, “This worked for Chris Bosh, why isn’t it working for me.”  I struggled with what to do next.  Should I have let him score or should I reject that shot the way that Saskatchewan voters reject the Liberal Party.  I’ll let you figure out what I did but his favorite player is no longer Chris Bosh but his game is starting to look like Ray Allen’s but from a lot longer distance.

Ollie is our ball boy 

A quick note about this photo.  Mark wanted the ball rotated so the Sport Chek logo is facing forward.  Somewhere in Beaverton, Oregon, a Nike marketing executive gently weeps.

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