Amazon likes Mom again!

We tend to start our Christmas shopping early and when I saw we, I mean Mark and I and I was looking on for some Christmas ideas for some of you and also for me to give some ideas to Wendy.  Last year when I looked at ideas for mothers, they consisted of fuzzy slippers, blenders, and cooking stuff but this year, Amazon has realized that mothers have better things to do than laze around all day making smoothies and trying to figure out what to bake.  Update: Wendy wasn’t all that impressed with the mom or the wife section.

Last year I posted shopping guides throughout the month of November for people and I got a big response from it.  A small percentage of you thought I had sold out while a bunch of you saw it for what it was, just some ideas I thought were fun gifts.  I’ll be posting them here start November which will hopefully keep you out of the malls in December.

I do have a quick question though.  I am looking for a tabletop radio, hopefully a retro looking one that I can use to listen to Saskatchewan Roughriders games while we are at the cabin.  I came to the realization this year that while I love my iPod, I really miss listening to some sports (I wish we could get baseball on the radio in Saskatchewan again) and CBC Radio One on a summer evening.  Do any of you have any thoughts about XM Satellite Radio?

2 thoughts on “Amazon likes Mom again!”

  1. XM is alright. The music selection is good (although I think Slacker Radio is better), and you’ll get Bob Edwards and NPR. You don’t get CBC, though; you’d have to subscribe to Sirius, and that would put you back $30 a month.

    1. I was in shocked when you said that I can’t get CBC on XM but you are right. I thought they had merged! What’s with the higher price for Sirius and with an activation fee, it means that setting it up for the summer, may be a pain in the wallet.

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