Am I missing something

I was reading Scot McKnight’s post on the TNIV today and while I agree, he added a graphic that made me ask some questions about Bible marketing.

NIV 2011

What is Zondervan’s marketing department up to.  I can understand why Microsoft brands Microsoft Office by the year.  I still have a copy of Office 97 kicking around on an old computer.  If you don’t use Outlook 97 (a dog of a software program if there ever was one), it works pretty good but it’s 2009 now and every time I use it, I am reminded that I am not using the newest and the best.  In exchanging files with others, I am also stating that I am using old obsolete software (which it really isn’t).

Yet with a Bible, it seems like Zondervan is putting a shelf life on something that should not have a shelf life on it.  I know the NIV is being constantly revised but are we going to be seeing a NIV 2013 or maybe just a NIV 2011 Service Pack 1 come out.  Seeing Zondervan use the same kind of marketing as EA Sports on a timeless work seems to commoditize something that should be bigger than that.

Of course a quick trip inside any Christian bookstore will tell you that the commoditization boat has sailed long ago. 

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