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Several years ago someone got very angry at Jordon because he never phoned someone.  Jordon’s reply was, I e-mail regularly and I don’t really call anyone anymore.  The person was quite upset and ranted and raved about how stupid e-mail is.  Now the situation was more complicated than that but Jordon was caught using the wrong kind of communication system than someone else and they took it personally.

I find myself in a similar situation.  I publish this blog, contribute over at the cabin weblog, I use Upcoming, Twitter, Dopplr, and Flickr.  When you combine all of that content, there is a lot of Wendy out there.  You could even combine all of it together on Google’s Homepage if you wanted which would give you things like the weather at the lake and Saskatchewan Roughrider scores if you cared enough.   For some that isn’t enough or it isn’t in the right format (e-mail, phone, paper) which causes problems for them.  In the end it isn’t personal enough.

Which causes this problem

In the end, I tend to think that the problem isn’t the form of communication, it is the lack of relationship that allows you to go any deeper.  If you didn’t have a relationship with me and wanted one again, I would think this would be frustrating but at the same time, it isn’t technology that is the problem, it is that we don’t have a relationship and paper, phone, or e-mail won’t change that.

I wonder how much angst over new communication forms is based in insecurity over the relationships we fear are slipping away.

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  1. Indeed. I have also seen how many introverts prefer e-communication. While it frustrates those who don’t prefer it (and there should be some sensitivity to that), the fact is that introverts are actually communicating more than they ever have as a result of the new mediums.

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