The death of legalism?

While up at the lake, we ran low on homogenized milk for Oliver and needed to get some on Sunday.  We drove out of Arlington Beach to the one horse town of Cymric.  There is a store in Cymric but they don’t have whole milk.  Instead of turning right to Strasbourg, we went left to Govan.  Govan was totally shut down.  Not a thing was open.  We then drove 20 kilometres to Nokomis where again the entire town was shut down except for one gas station and it was closed down for lunch.  Still no milk.  So we headed back to Cymric where Wendy wandered into the store and the owner phoned down to Digger’s in Strasbourg to make sure there was milk for Oliver. (Map of our route).  A quick look at Google Maps, shows that we took 126 kilometres to get 4 litres of milk and an Oreo ice cream bar.

The Treat Spot at Arlington Beach

Of course as we got back to the cabin, Mark wanted to go to the local ice cream stand which was open on a Sunday afternoon.  After sending him down on his bike to confirm the unthinkable (that in one of the mecca’s of Free Methodism, commerce would be allowed on Sunday), we all went down and had ice cream on Sunday at the Treat Spot (you can also find it on Dopplr).  The kicker would have been if they had whole milk but they didn’t but we did grab some pop, a game of mini-golf, and found a nice cool summer breeze.

Growing up, my mom talked about the first time she was allowed to get an ice cream cone on a hot Sunday and what a big deal that was.  Somewhere in heaven she is celebrating the fact that even Arlington Beach is now cool with having ice cream on a Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Clearly you guys added this to dopplr, as i can’t see it showing up otherwise. 🙂 Can you give me an idea how one submits a new place? I tried to mark Waskesiu for next month and it kept giving me some supposedly “nearby” lake 50kms away.

    Thanks. 🙂

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