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The last couple of days  I have been having a running discussion with Karen over at The Hedge Society on Twitter about why Apartment Therapy doesn’t use Twitter.  Several of my favorite design sites all use Twitter and I follow many of them over at The Cooper Cabin.  During our discussion made me realize that I use Twitter to follow friends but a lot of media sites as well.  I follow ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, The Star Phoenix, the New York Times, and CBC Saskatchewan, on Twitter along with other media sites.  Apartment Therapy slags Twitter a couple of times on their sites and maybe Biz and Ev have ugly apartments but whatever the reason, it seems odd that a media site whose bottom line depends on page views, would turn reject a free way to get more page views, retweets, and buzz about their site.

I started to think about how I rely less on RSS and more on Twitter to follow sites and decided to put on Twitter.  My personal Twitter account will always been me talking about whatever I am thinking about in 140 characters.  The Twitter account will be automated and generated by the RSS feed and content on as it is published to the site.  Not quite a media empire but hopefully it will make it a little easier for those of you who are fans of the site and also diehard Twitter users.

This isn’t the only place where we tweet around the house, you can follow the entire household on Twitter

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  1. Hi Jordan. I just wanted to say that your sermon at Lakeview got me thinking again about how and where I can serve the disadvantaged.
    After 13 years of working as a Corrections Nurse and experiencing complete burn-out, ,I vowed I was done trying to help people who wanted me to care more than they did. Working in such a corrupt system did’t help me see them as valued members of society. I have sufferred a lot of guilt and feelings of failure when the job did me in.
    One well-meaning person told me it was because I was trying in my own strength instead of God’s. He must have seen me literally laying on the floor before I went to work begging for the strength for one more day. I have never really been able to put it all behind me.
    May I ask how you guard yourself from feelings of frustration, from giving up. How do you see hope where there is so little motivation for change? I developed a “We vs. Them” frame of reference as a self-preservation tool in prison. They wanted to hurt us, we wanted to save them. The system wanted to blame the staff for everything that malfunctioned. When an inmate came across my desk at me one day, my supervisor asked me what I had done to make him mad. I said “Nothing, he was mad when he got here.” I feel like nothing I did counted for anything and I left feeling broken and abused.
    So much for the confession but I would like to know how you cope and maybe try to figure out how I could have done better or different. I know Jesus would do better. I could not. I feel deep shame when I even see one of the staff I worked with… especially those who knew I was a Christian.

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