My Personality (or lack thereof)

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I find I have become more introverted since I started working at the Centre.  Others who work there tell me the same thing happened to them.  I am not saying it is a bad thing but I notice that Wendy on vacation is much more extroverted than the same Wendy who works at Customer Service all day at Safeway and is just looking for a quiet place to decompress in.  I suppose work has a strong influence on how introverted and extroverted I feel.

2 thoughts on “My Personality (or lack thereof)”

  1. Using their personality testing I’m now even more of an Introvert (79%) and my T and F are no longer equal – I’m not more of a feeler (which you’d never get from reading my blog, right.)

    I’ve passed this on to the rest of the Kinnon gang. Thanks for sharing this, Jordon.

  2. I’m an outgoing introvert. With the people I’m closest to, I can be quite energetic. Even among strangers, I don’t necessarily hide in a shell (though I tend to in stressful situations). But, I still need that solitude to recharge, especially after a long day of dealing with people.

    I wonder if there aren’t a lot of lost introverts out there who think they are extroverts only because they have learned to be outgoing in a world that rewards charismatic leaders.

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