Kyle Orton will do fine…

For those of us who are trying to tell ourselves that things in Denver will be fine without Jay Cutler and Josh McDaniels will be great, here is are some stats to think about.

  • Super Bowl wins for Mike Shanahan without John Elway: 0.
  • Super Bowl wins for Chuck Noll without Terry Bradshaw: 0.
  • Super Bowl wins for George Seifert without Steve Young or Joe Montana: 0.
  • Super Bowl wins for Jimmy Johnson without Troy Aikman: 0.
  • Super Bowl wins for Tom Landry without Roger Staubach: 0.
  • Championships for Paul Brown without Otto Graham: 0.
  • Super Bowl wins for Tony Dungy without Peyton Manning: 0.
  • Super Bowl wins for Bill Belichick without Tom Brady: 0.

Don Shula seemed to be the exception who proved the rule although in Miami, they did not have a RB or much of  a defense.   Not a lot of Super Bowl titles are won with the Trent Dilfers of the world.

3 thoughts on “Kyle Orton will do fine…”

  1. The only anticipation I have about Orton is what he will do with a “real” offensive strategy with the Broncos, as opposed to “no” strategy with the Bears. Could be another tough couple of years for Broncos fans.

  2. How many of these qb’s played for other coaches? And how many of them won Super Bowls with a diffrent coach?

    Only Troy Aikman comes to mind as having done both. Remains to be seen for Manning. Not sure what this has to do with your post but it just got me wondering…

  3. on the other hand—-Joe Gibbs, Hall of Fame coach of the Washington Redskins, holds the distinction for winning 3 Super Bowls with 3 different quarterbacks—none of whom were among the elite QB’s in the NFL.

    Joe Theisman (1983)
    Doug Williams (1988)
    Mark Rypien (1991)

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