Back from the lake

We are back in Saskatoon for a couple of weeks before we head back to the lake for another week.  While we were up there, I took a couple of photos and uploaded them to Flickr.

Here is our gazebo at night. Even before we bought it, Wendy purchased some wicker lights and the star tea light holder at Jysk. We added a couple of lanterns and it gives off a nice cozy feel once the sun goes down.

The gazebo at nightThis is what the cabin looks like from the backyard at night.

The cabin at night

Despite the photo, it was Mark and I who got some mini golfing in.  Mark isn’t acknowledging who won and who lost.

August Long Weekend at the Cabin

And Hutch continues to prove why he is the world’s dumbest dog.  Just seconds before this photo, the dog was crying because a quad drove slowly by within 20 feet of him.  That was all that happened and Hutch wept and incapacitated by fear.  Oliver doesn’t look really pleased that there is a dog in his wagon.
August Long Weekend at the Cabin
We did take some time to walk along the beach.
August Long Weekend at the CabinI mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we took a queen sized bed up to the lake and barely managed to get it inside our bedroom.  Like Pierre Trudeau I believe that government should not be involved in what happens in a bedroom but in this case I thought I would make an exception and post a photo.

Our rather cramped master bedroomThere is about three feet alongside the bed and about 4 inches between the end of the bed and the wall.  It’s a cozy fit but it works.   It also means that Wendy and I can sleep without the fear of falling out of our old three quarter bed.

4 thoughts on “Back from the lake”

  1. i hate you. i have spent the last two weeks drywalling and cooking. hate. despise. jealous. hey oliver is so cute. hate. and wendy of course.

  2. I worked hard at the cabin. After drinking a Diet Coke, I had to rinse out my glass and get another iced glass from the freezer.

    I had to walk a block to the ice cream stand.

    I had to stand and chat with Wendy while she cooked me supper.

    The dog went to bed before me one night. I had to move her over on the bed. That was a lot of effort.

    I am exhausted. I need another Diet Coke… where is Wendy?

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