Saskatchewan Scenic Drives: Qu’Appelle Valley near Craven

We are back in Saskatoon for a couple of days (Wendy had to work a couple of shifts, there was some laundry to be done, and I needed to see a doctor) while we are on vacation.  We did take some time to explore a bit of Saskatchewan and took a drive from the book Saskatchewan Scenic Drives.  We headed down to Craven and explored some of roads and trails that lead us to the historic Fieldstone Inn, the Hidden Valley Conservation Area and the St. Nicholas Anglican Church.

Abandoned barn near Arlington Beach Hay fields in the Qu'Appelle Valley St. Nicholas Anglican Church St. Nicholas Anglican Church The Fieldstone Inn The Qu'Appelle Valley Bridge crossing Qu'Appelle Valley

4 thoughts on “Saskatchewan Scenic Drives: Qu’Appelle Valley near Craven”

  1. I grew up in these valleys. We had a cabin at Long Lake (Kanata Valley) when all the rich folks were at Regina Beach. These photos made me ache for home. Thank you for posting them.

  2. O.K. – in the extremely stupid comment category: I thought Sask. was flat! I was quite surprised to see those hills. Those pics are beautiful.

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