New fishing rod

A walleye I am not a passionate fisherman by any extent of the imagination.  I went a couple of times as a kid and I can count all of the fish I have caught on two hands but since we own a cabin and I have a kid who wants to fish, so I decided we needed a couple of rod and reels.

For Christmas I gave Mark a rod, reel, and tackle box and he gave my brother the same thing.  That took care of those two but I still needed reel and rod.  This week at Canadian Tire they are blowing out all of their stock and they had rods on for 75% off.  I went out and bought a Zebco Horizon for $9.95.  It’s not professional grade but since I live within a couple of miles of North America’s oldest bird sanctuary (that features lots and lots of pelicans), there are not a lot of fish by our end of the lake.

Now all I need to know is what kind of lures you catch Walleye with (which is Saskatchewan’s provincial fish).  That and I need to learn how to clean a fish.  Either that or I need to talk Alan Creech to take his summer holidays at my lake.

One the other end of the scale is a couple of fishing rods I bought at Dollarama for a $1 a piece.  They aren’t good for a lot other than if Mark has some friends up, we have some rods that if they get broken, no one will care.  The reels are not the smoothest I have ever used.  Apparently no one fishes in the part of China where they were made.

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  1. Wait, I have Summer holidays!!? Holy crap! 🙂 That Zebco looks like a decent spinning outfit, especially for 9.95. The best way to find out what to catch the old Walleye on is to go to the local tackle shop near the lake and talk to the guys in there. We used to catch them trolling when I was young – one lure I remember was a Hellbender – or any deep-diving fish imitator – Rapala or something like that I’d say would work. You ever heard of Al Lindner? He started a magazine and TV show a long time ago called In Fisherman – big Michigan guy – catches lots of Northern Pike and Walleye – hey, here’s their Walleye page – has instructional videos looks like. I bet that’ll get you goin’. If I come up there, I’ll be gettin’ you to take me to the nearest Trout stream. ‘Course you can catch Northerns on a fly rod too – I’m a bit of a fly fishing snob. 😉

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