The Summer of 09

I was trying to plan out our summer the other day and started to enter some of it into Dopplr and Upcoming.  It isn’t that busy of a summer for us but according to Upcoming, here are the events that we are taking in.

  • June 26+ :: Saskatchewan Jazz Festival :: None of the headline acts really get me that excited but Wendy and I will take in some of the free stages (PDF)
  • June 27 :: 5th Annual Feast By The Beach Fundraiser :: A lobster fundraiser at Arlington Beach.  While we are there, we plan to spend the weekend at the cabin.
  • July 30 – August 8 :: Saskatoon Fringe Festival :: Wendy and I generally take Mark down to the Fringe for a couple of evenings of taking in street performers and good food.  You can also get all of the hemp bracelets that you will never wear again.  One year Wendy wanted me to by a CD of pan flute music.  Let’s just say that I carry the wallets.
  • July 1 – August 16th :: Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan :: We plan to take in A Midsummer Night’s Dream this summer.  This is my favorite event all summer and is a great way to spend an evening.  If you have never gone, you owe yourself to take in at least one show this summer.
  • July 14 :: Taste of Saskatchewan :: I am cursed to always get the worst food in the festival while Wendy gets the best.  I am just getting what she gets this year.  The festival gets a lot of hype but Saskatoon isn’t exactly known as a culinary centre (how many identical Greek, Italian, and franchise restaurants does a city need?).  How do I say this… if we had better restaurants, we would have a better festival.
  • July 25 :: Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Edmonton Eskimos :: We are making a pilgrimage to Mosaic Stadium to watch the Saskatchewan Roughriders play the hated Edmonton Eskimos.
  • August 4-9 :: Saskatoon EX :: I have a nine year old son and Mark is about one thing at the EX; Bumper Cars.  Wendy is all about the elephant ears while I am like to wander around the trade show and taking some photographs.
  • August 8 :: Mac’s Froster 50 :: I am a big fan of Legend’s racing on a short track like the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.  It’s not NASCAR or anything but it’s a nice way to spend the evening.
  • August 13-14 :: Folkfest :: Despite the name, it’s not a folk music festival.  It’s a celebration of multiculturalism which in Saskatchewan we take as eating perogies and drinking too much beer.  Since I don’t drink beer, it means that Mark, Wendy and I are eating a lot of perogies.
  • Aug 15-16 :: Canada Remembers International Airshow :: It’s the last air show that Saskatoon will ever have.  We have enjoyed it a lot in the past so we will go and say goodbye.
  • Aug 22 :: Ukraine Day in the Park :: Wendy isn’t sure she wants to go but it’s a big deal in the Riversdale and Pleasant Hill neighborhoods so I think we will go.
  • September 4 :: Saskatchewan Huskies vs Calgary Dinos :: The start of the CIS football season.
  • September 11 :: Saskatchewan Huskies vs Regina Rams :: Considering that I taught Mark when he was small that when he flushed the toilet to salute and say, “See you in Regina”, this is similar to Texas – Oklahoma or Notre Dame – Michigan for University of Saskatchewan football fans.

We don’t have that much travel planned for the summer as we plan to enjoy Saskatoon quite a bit.  We are heading up to the cabin and then in October plan to take Mark for his first trip to the ocean and heading to Victoria for a couple of days.  You can see some of my trips on Dopplr (more if you join it).

If you are in Saskatoon, make sure you sign up for Upcoming and add any events that you want the world (and people like me) to see.  Upcoming allows you to let people know if you are going as well.  Wendy and I have had quite a few events we thought only we were taking in end up as a lot of fun as we found out more people were coming as well.

If you have any suggestions on things I should be taking in, let me know in the comments.

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