Mark turns 9

Many of you know that Wendy and I have been quite worried about Mark lately.  Mostly it revolves around the fact that he isn’t as heavily armed around the house and he should be.  Lee solved that tonight as he gave Mark a Vulcan EBF-25 Nerf machine gun for his ninth birthday.  Yes, that’s right.  My brother gave his nephew a fully automatic Nerf chain gun for his birthday with very clear instructions that he is to gun down Wendy and I in his spare time.  This could start a arms race like the world hasn’t seen since the introduction of HMS Dreadnought in 1906.

Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster from Nerf

FC Barcelona crest

In continuing with his Nerf themed birthday, Lee gave him a classic Nerf football, a Nike Dominate basketball, and a Nike soccer ball in Barcelona FC colors.  We are a kind of Toronto FC kind of family but a big yellow soccer ball is pretty cool.

The basketball is destined for the lake (this way Mark has a basketball option that isn’t pink), the soccer ball and the Nerf football will stay here and relegate some other balls around here for the lake.  I don’t think a Nerf football is designed to withstand what Maggi does to a ball she grabs.

In the end, they were gifts typical of an uncle that has no kids of his own which means that I can’t give his kids back obnoxious gifts as retaliation.  Well played Lee, well played.

We are giving Mark’s birthday presents to him tomorrow morning which is his actual birthday.  Wendy and I gave him a microscope, a Tech Deck (from Ollie), some new ear phones (really why would Apple release such an uncomfortable ear phone with the iPod?), and a game for his Nintendo DS (compliments of Maggi).  If he doesn’t like what he gets tomorrow, he can always shoot us.

Happy Birthday Mark!  There has been some rough days this year but your mom and I are incredibly proud of you.

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  1. We gave our son that exact toy/weapon for his ninth birthday last year. Great fun. The batteries dies out quickly, but he loves setting it up. Of course, the quick, easy, six-shooter is still the toy that sees the most attention.

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