Land of the Lost Souls

The New York Times has an except from the book Land of the Lost Souls by Cadillac Man about being homeless in New York City.

It hit me hard in the first couple of months out there. Nobody was talking to me, I mean nobody. When you’re homeless, who would talk to you? People don’t even want to see you. So sometimes you may not realize it, you’d be talking out loud to nobody. You’re just getting it out of your system. It was like this guy at the meat market, Bernie. He used to work down in the freezer, and nobody wanted to go down there. Most of the time people would just call him down there and say, Bernie, put this on the elevator. But I would go down there on occasion and he’d be having conversations. I’d be looking in there and say, who is he talking to? Same thing on the street. It gets lonely out here. The closest I got to a conversation with anyone was when somebody was going by and they’d take a look at me and start laughing, laughing at me.

The Morning News has an interview here.

TMN: What’s one thing the average person could do to help the situation of homeless people?
CM: By donations to soup kitchens, clothing donations, anywhere where the finances go more directly to the clients. Too much goes toward administrative costs and other hidden agendas. Also, the public could be better educated about who we are and why we are here. They often believe they live far removed from our way of life, but in fact they do not. Losing everything could happen to anyone at any time.

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  1. They often believe they live far removed from our way of life, but in fact they do not.

    From our recent close brush with desperation, I second this emphatically.

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