Contextless Thoughts

  • Well I am in the middle of working 24 of 30 hours at the Centre.  If all works well I will be out of here around 2:00 p.m. tomorrow and off for some sleep.   I did manage to get 30 minutes of sleep today.  I am usually okay as long as I can get home for a shower and a change of clothes after the graveyard shift.
  • If I survive today, I am off to the cabin at noon on Friday.  We are going to do some more painting and replace a 3/4 bed with a single daybed.   If I get around to it, I will install some outdoor lighting and get an outdoor clothes dryer installed.  Of course the important tasks involve walking the dog and playing basketball with Mark.
  • Mark has a bunch of chocolate bars and chocolate covered almonds he needs to sell for his karate club.  If he sells enough, it pays for a couple of tournaments and I think he gets to learn the Vulcan death grip.  If you are local and want some, email me at   They are $3 a piece.  Normally I would be good for a lot of chocolate covered almonds but I am allergic to almonds.
  • I know this will offend many European politicians but I can’t get that upset over Canada’s annual seal hunt.
  • I know this will offend the entire city of Hamilton but I can’t get that excited over Jim Balsillie.  If he can’t figure it out by now that he can’t bully the NHL, his quest is hopeless.  Of course the Coyotes leaving Phoenix would be good for the league.
  • Normally the Salvation Army posts all of their videos to YouTube but One Day of Hope is found on the front page of the Salvation Army‘s site and is worth the 5 minutes it takes to watch it.  It is quite good and despite being shot with different cameras (I assume), it keeps the same look and feel.  Oddly enough there is a guy in there that looks an awfully lot like me and I am not the only one that sees it.  Apparently I have a long lost twin who works at the Salvation Army in Calgary.  Bizarre.

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