The Republic of Texas

Texas Governor Rick Perry, who doesn’t like Barack Obama’s tax and spend policies is threatening to have Texas succeed from the union.  I have to admit that as a Canadian who has grown up with Quebec trying to leave Canada, this struck me as both stupid and funny.  Of course over at the Foreign Policy blog, they decided to see what would happen to Texas and the United States if this happened.

So what would Texas look like as a foreign country?

Republic of Texas It would be the world’s thirteenth largest economy — bigger than South Korea, Sweden, and Saudi Arabia. But its worth would crater precipitously, after NAFTA rejected it and the United States slapped it with an embargo that would make Cuba look like a free-trade zone. Indeed, Texas would quick become the next North Korea, relying on foreign aid due to its insistence on relying on itself.

On the foreign policy front, a seceded Texas would suffer for deserting the world superpower. Obama wouldn’t look kindly on secessionists, and would send in the military to tamp down rebellion. If Texas miraculously managed to hold its borders, Obama would not establish relations with the country — though he might send a special rapporteur. (We nominate Kinky Friedman.)

So, Texas would need to court Mexico and Central American nations as a trading partners and protectors. Those very nations would also pose a host of problems for Texas. President Perry might find friends in anti-U.S. nations like Venezuela and Cuba, but their socialist politics would rankle the libertarian nation. 

And Texas would become a conduit for drugs moving north to the United States from Mexico, maybe even becoming a narco-state. It would need to invest heavily in its own military and policing force to stop drug violence within its borders — taking away valuable resources from, oh, feeding its people, fending off U.S. border incursions, and improving its standing in the world. 

In short: the state of Texas would rapidly become direly impoverished, would need to be heavily armed, and would be wracked with existential domestic and foreign policy threats. It would probably make our failed states list in short order. Probably better to pay the damn taxes.

The only way this story could get any stupider is if Chuck Norris said he would be the Republic of Texas’ new President.

5 thoughts on “The Republic of Texas”

  1. Economically, Texas has enough oil to support the agriculture to feed itself. Also, it is a cheap enough place to support manufacturing, with lower land and labor costs (compared to the rest of the US). If the US did not embargo trade (which is unlikely), Texas would enjoy a cost advantage, not as cheap as China, but with some transportation advantages. Also, cheaper living could curry lots of retirees and their money.

    A far-fetched idea, but not that far fetched.

    Now, the Republic of California – there’s an idea!

  2. Hmmmm, lets see, Texas has 90% of the crude oil refining capacity in the United States, and with no new refineries being built, the good old Obama administration would only be starving its self of valuable commodities if embargo’s were implemented. Of course there are also the agriculture industries that help to feed not only the U.S. , but also the world. While the U.S. is the largest consumer nation in the world, making Texas an epicenter of production with lower corporate tax rates would increase the influx of companies to our newly formed country, the current administration may indeed find that “punishing” the young country may not be exactly what is best for the U.S. I feel that Texas would also enter into the international community with out any animosity against the U.S. , or any one else. It doesn’t have to be a war, or violent, but rather just an understanding that we are a free people and want the right to govern ourselves, much like the breakaway soviet republics. Granted they are not doing as well as planned however if you would like to read your history, the young United States had its share of problems to resolve shortly after winning their independence.

    1. Good “words” Jess! As a Texas cattle rancher, it’s evident that Texas has no need for any of the Blue States and that Texans would benefit from loosing the burden of an out-of-control MARKIST Federal government. Texan is self-sustaining (i.e. Texas’ resources of; oil, gas, manufacturing, agriculture, aerospace, fishing, electronic microchips, largest military base “Fort Hood” etc.. etc..) and we have no need for New York or Washington… Quit frankly, I’m tired of supporting them with my tax dollars and resources do you can count on my vote for Texas to succeed from the union.

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