Contextless Thoughts

  • The good news is that I no longer have Type II Diabetes.  The bad news… it’s now Type I.   The hope is that is that this is a temporary thing and it is connected to me burning the candle at both ends.  Now where did I put that syringe…
  • My recent blog post on underage prostitution was based on an internal rant/memo that I wrote.   Like some of you I sometimes write things out as a process of working through the issue and the solutions.  One of the things about working at a place like the Centre is that I work with like minded people.  After several hours of ranting, thinking, phoning around, and sending e-mails, we made some progress on what needed to be done and how we can be a part of the matrix of other agencies working on the same issue.  Helping curb prostitution is already part of what we do at the Centre, hopefully we can help curb it in some other ways as well.
  • For those of you who have made fun of my Saskatchewan Roughrider Barbecue Cover at the lake, check out this house that pays homage to the Edmonton Eskimos.  Now that’s a diehard fan.
  • If Calgary wins today, they win the series in five games.  If they lose, Chicago wins in six games.
  • It doesn’t matter to me but Edmonton should not have fired Craig MacTavish, they should have fired the management that put together a team that just wasn’t very tough and who did nothing about it.  The reason they went to the Stanley Cup finals was Chris Pronger, Mike Peca, and Jason Smyth.  Do they have anyone that resembles those players today?  If you say Dustin Penner, pick up your Kevin Lowe autographed photo at the door.
  • When I saw all of the tributes to John Madden, I was afraid he had died.  I am sad that he is retiring from broadcasting but he seems to be doing it for all of the right reasons… more time with the grandkids, preparation for his 50th wedding anniversary.  I wish him all the best in retirement.  If you have never seen it, this video documenting John Madden’s career and drive across the country to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is simply amazing.  Not only did I enjoy it but so did Wendy and Mark.