Remembering a simpler time

I am getting stuff ready for a quick trip to Chicago in eleven days and am getting all of the stuff ready that make the trip easy.  Over the years I have become a lot better packing my carry on which makes a big difference but here is what I carry on trips now.

In my carry-on (a Swiss Army messenger/laptop bag)

  • iPod Touch loaded with music and a couple of podcasts :: I also have LED Football and Air Hockey installed on it.  The Air Hockey is for Mark and I while we are waiting but it has a one person game as well. I just sits in my shirt pocket and doesn’t actually make it’s way into the carry on.
  • PSP with three or four games ::  I’ll bring Ghost Recon 2, Madden 07, and Medal of Honor Heroes 2 along.  The memory card is full of YouTube videos that Mark helps pick out.  Mostly videos from TED.   I just hope that the cluster bomb guy doesn’t sit beside me. 
  • Noise canceling headphones ::  Wendy bought a cheap pair for me a couple of years ago and they work amazing while flying.  It makes flying a calming and relaxing experience no matter where I am on the plane.  Best $30 that we have ever spent.  Since I am on a plane, I fit in rather than look like a geek.  Thanks for Bose for making me look cool while flying even if I am using cheap knock offs.
  • A magazine or a book ::  I generally bring a sports magazine and a book of history along on a trip.  I am one that enjoys the Airline magazines as well. 
  • My Fujifilm J10 camera ::  I enjoy airport photography, what can I say?
  • My Dell laptop (power supply goes in the checked luggage) ::  I don’t actually pull it out but I hate to check it after seeing luggage dropped off carts, off loading belts, and run over by trucks on the tarmac.  My body frame, economy seats, laptops, and trays do not go together well.
  • 1 litre of Aquafina water ::  I used to drink coffee while flying which used to dehydrate me even more.  Now it is just water.
  • Business cards ::  In case the person beside me is interesting enough to chat with again, it’s always good to have some cards in the case. Of course the best flights are when no one is beside me and I can stretch out.  The second best flights are when they don’t want to talk to me either.
  • Passport :: I had this around the neck thing for when I went to Bahamas but it was awfully uncomfortable.  I’ll keep it secure in my carry-on this time.
  • A pen and small journal :: You have no idea how many times I have flown into Canada or the U.S. without a pen to fill out customs declarations.  If I keep it up, I may be put on the secretive “Annoying to Fly With List”.

In my checked luggage

  • My Skullcandy headphones
  • Webcam and mic for Skype ::  While Oliver won’t care that much, Mark loves to e-mail and chat via Skype when I am gone.
  • Small tripod ::  I won’t have a lot of free time in Chicago and if I get out, it would be at night so I figure that I would take a small tripod along and take some night shots of the Windy City.
  • Black and Decker Power Boost ::  It’s a battery for USB powered devices.  I saw it a while ago in XS Cargo and it was cheap enough to pick up even if it was junk.  It was originally bought to recharge iPods at the cabin (as it works like a powered USB hub) but is great to keep me going if we miss a flight or are delayed and I can find a WiFi connection.
  • MoviePix HD
  • Extra batteries and SD cards
  • My business card case with about 50 cards in it.

If I am lucky, I will have enough room for my clothes.  What do you take a long with you on trips?

3 thoughts on “Remembering a simpler time”

  1. I don’t know if I have ever made an official list but off the top of my head….

    Carry On – My very favorite orange Tamrac bag
    – my Sony Laptop and power cord – too many times I’ve ended up with delayed flights, and end up turning on the computer and playing with photoshop
    – My SLR camera – don’t leave home without it on any trips
    – usually have one or two extra lenses in as well – I have been trying to pare down but man it’s hard
    – card reader for the cameras – yes that it is plural cameras
    – ipod and ipod charging cord – usually just music but it has a fair number of NAPP podcasts on there too
    – book of some sort – really depends on my mood as the type of book
    – passport
    – wallet
    – lotion, lip balm and hand sanitizer in the clear ziplock bag – gets awfully dry on the plane and I’m a bit of a germ phob
    – my point and shoot camera – it depends sometimes it’s the Olympus and sometimes it’s the Canon depends on where I’m going. It’s handy having a point and shoot along, there have been times I’ve whipped it out to get a cute shot – one was of two airport dudes sitting by the nose of the plane having coffee out on the tarmac. I was lucky to get that as security was coming along and told me I couldn’t stop there.
    And yes it gets to be a very heavy bag no matter on how I try to downscale it. Now that I have become accustomed to the SLR I hate leaving it at home because it can do the type of shots that the point and shoot can’t do. And I seem to have a hard time leaving the laptop at home too. Mostly because I like being able to download the images and really seeing what I captured.
    Checked luggage:
    – clothes
    – usually another book – I hate running out of reading material
    – any extra software I may need for the computer
    – portable external hard drive
    – tripod on occasion – depends on location and space allowance

    I think that’s it…. really all what I consider my ‘children’ goes into my carry on the stuff I don’t care as much about goes into the checked luggage.

  2. I usually have a pocket T-shirt. Wear it backwards for a handy place to keep your passport.

    Also, before I go, I take every card in my wallet (credit, membership, library,…) and Xerox them. One or two sheets holds all of them. Then carry one copy, and leave one copy home. That’s in case I lose the wallet.

    Igo makes a universal charger – extra tips are lighter than extra wall warts.

    A small flashlight.

  3. i always bring some stuffs in my carrier bag :
    – my Toshiba Qosmio laptop
    – Canon EOS 450D, this my best camera for taking special moment (especially outdoor)
    – Blackberry and iPhone for communicate with best friends
    – Zippo lighter, sometimes smoke my cigarettes to spend leisure time … 🙁
    – a bottle of mineral water
    – my luvly Oakley Juliet glasses

    oh… don’t forget to bring money and ID cards in your pocket ..

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