Blogger needs a template design competition

I have come to love Blogger’s simplicity and stability but it’s templates are looking horrible and dated.  Most of it’s templates come from their relaunch with Google and since then, there has not been a single new template offered up.  If Typepad can give out new templates, you would think that Google could managed to creates something attractive.

I know that you can easily make your own templates but unless you want to give up the ability to drag and drop widgets, and other features, it can be a pain to do and many of us have better ways to spend our nights. 

If they can’t make some new templates in house, why not open it up to their community and offer up some cash or Google schwag (and a link back to your blog).  C’mon Google set up and give your still loyal Blogger users a bone.

2 thoughts on “Blogger needs a template design competition”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. The amount of fiddling with code I’ve done over the years just to get a “not so usual” template has been pretty lame. There are some good freebie sites out there, but they usually come with said need for more fiddling as well…

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