So how are those missional theories working out for you?

Bill Kinnon had a wonderful post on a gathering of emerging church authors.

One of the questions I would have asked of the assembled big guns is "How is this worked out in your own lives? Tell us about your involvement in local Christian community?" My fear is that only Dr. Morse and Dan Kimball would be able to tell us.

One thought on “So how are those missional theories working out for you?”

  1. I think this is one of the key questions to ask, after 10 years of missional/emerging church theory.

    But asking the questions betrays a location in the notion of church, that would appear out of date to many, I fear.

  2. what’s interesting is the growing divide among emerging and missional. some ’emerging’ are happy to do church that connects with whoever they connect with; ‘missional” says it/church has to be rooted in a particular community. ref: the Dan Kimball critique of missional before Christmas; he couldn’t handle that “missional” might mean small and less aggressively evangelistic than he would like.

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