Michael Vick’s Comeback

Michael Vick I really like the San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Singletary but he is signing his own pink slip if he thinks that Michael Vick is his best bet at QB.  A quarterback needs to be a leader and Singletary is deluding himself if he thinks that Vick will ever be a leader after he was convicted of dog fighting.  Will team mates follow an inconsistent QB who hasn’t been a great teammate, a great passer, and whose team improved after he left (now part of that was the disastrous regime of Bobby Petrino).  Michael Vick is a coach killer and Mike Singletary would be far better off with Shaun Hill or even better, a Matt Cassel.

One thought on “Michael Vick’s Comeback”

  1. Dude you don’t have a clue… MV was not part of the disastrous regime of Bobby Petrino…he also had one of the HIGHEST winning percentages in the NFL, scored 97 TD, to 52 ints…ran for 1000 yards…on a team that lacked an Offensive line or WR’s that could catch the ball.

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