Flint, Michigan

The other day I took a shot at Flint, Michigan in a blog post and the next day I got a friendly comment from someone who works for Flint Tourism pointing out that I may have over looked some of Flint’s characteristics.  Now I wasn’t really trying to be mean to Flint, I was just trying to point out that when factories shut down, cities really struggle as Flint did as General Motors pulled back production from the region.

So to be fair, here is a more balanced look at Flint.

City of Flint website and Quick Facts About Flint

It is home of the University of Michigan-Flint campus.

Flint Tourism

It’s home to the Flint Tropics

It’s also the home of Buick City, what is now the largest brownfield in the United States

I was suprised to learn that General Motors still has a presence in Flint

  • GM Truck Group, Flint Assembly
  • GM Powertrain Flint North
  • GM Powertrain Flint South
  • GM Flint Metal Center
  • Delphi Flint East
  • Delphi Technical Center Flint (closing 4Q 2008)
  • GM Flint Tool & Die
  • GM Grand Blanc Weld Tool Center
  • GM Service Parts Operations warehouse, Swartz Creek
  • GM Service Parts Operations processing center, Burton
  • GM Service Parts Operations World HQ offices, Grand Blanc Twp.
  • GM Service Parts Operations offices, Great Lakes Tech. Center, Flint

There you go.

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  1. Don’t forget Kettering University (it used to be called General Motors Institute). A top notch engineering and business school. In my 40 years of technology, I would occasionally (KU isn’t that big) bump into a grad and I was always impressed by them. I grew up around planes and trains, and everything I designed was big, heavy, dirty and expensive. Or small, sleek, clean and expensive. KU grads always taught me how to make things “medium size”, “semi-styled”, and economic!

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