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Contextless Thoughts

  • I was listening to John Madden say that someone was “super, super, super” at something during the Super Bowl.  That’s why he is such a big star.  I would have just said that he was “super” or maybe “Super duper”.  When will I learn?
  • The Super Bowl was exciting but I was shocked at the ending of it.  The Steelers deserved to win but the Cardinals deserved to have a game that was better officiated.  I know there are not a lot of diehard Arizona Cardinals fans out there (even in Phoenix) but I implore you, don’t let this game make you into bitter and hateful Seattle Seahawks fans. Concentrate on the good things.
  • Wendy is making homemade pizza’s lately that are better than the pizza we can get from takeout.  She is almost making cheese bread that is incredible too.  So incredible (or should I say, “super, super, super) that it has been ruining Mark’s and mine appetite before we get a chance to eat the wonderful pizza.  I keep pestering her to put her pizza recipe online but she is still “perfecting it”.
  • We had the Reimer’s and Kristi over for the game.  It was good up until Santonio Holmes ruined it for all of us other than Wendy.  Wendy and Barack Obama were the only ones out of the Rooney family cheering for the Steelers.
  • It is just me or do the Republicans look really, really hypocritical attacking Barack Obama running massive deficits when they themselves ran massive deficits under George W. Bush?  If I was them, I would cede the stimulus package to the President and fight another battle another day and not care what Rush Limbaugh thinks.  Rush by the way sounds hypocritical himself by justifying the Bush deficit while lamenting the Obama one.
  • Mark has challenged my brother Lee and I to several snowball fights.  In each the result is the same.  We pick him up and heave him into a big snowbank while he giggles himself until he is incapacitated.  After having this done to him several times by myself he finally goes, “I need a better strategist”. 
  • While driving home down a side street the other day, I managed to break my car’s exhaust system.  $517 later, it is running better.  The city isn’t even making an effort down most residential streets anymore unless you live on a bus route.  This kind of makes sense except when you think that most of us have to drive down a residential street to get to our homes and then drive down one again to get to work, go to the mall, or really generate any kind of economic activity.  The best part of it is that if I don’t shovel the walk in front of my house (which is also city property, I can be fined).   The good news is that I found a reliable mechanic I can trust after Diamond Auto Service closed down (they got bought out).  We are using Shirley’s on 19th Street which works well as it is just a block away from work.
  • Has any movie ever aged as poorly as Top Gun?
  • I lost a lot of respect for NDP leader Jack Layton over the recent election.  He decision to vote against a budget that he had never seen told me he valued politics over the economic crisis that the country is in.  Considering the budget was very similar to ones that the coalition would have brought down if they had power, it was disheartening to see him act in such a partisan way.
  • The recession is now affecting me personally.  My beloved Golden Dragon Restaurant is closed down.  There was nothing better than their Deluxe Won Ton Soup while at work.  I used to be able to phone over and then walk across the street to pick up my order.  There isn’t a soup in the city that was better.
  • I remember listening to some leadership guru talking about the importance of only spending your time on “visionary ideas”.  Today I spent time thinking about what kind of industrial toilet paper holders to install.  I wonder if that qualifies as “visionary”?

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