Seminary I have been toying with the idea of going back to school this year and starting on my master’s degree.  In what I don’t really know.  The idea of a M.Div doesn’t excite me but I do want to study more theological issues.  My problem is that I don’t really know where to go or even what I want to study.

Some have suggested a MBA considering what I am doing with my life now.  Others have suggested a M.Div which really doesn’t appeal to me.  The idea of a M.A. in Theology or New Testament studies does.  I am Methodist in my thinking and theology but I am rooted enough in my theology that going to a school of a different theological tradition doesn’t bother me.

The seminary doesn’t have to be local seminary, in fact the idea of a strange new city does appeal to me.  Briercrest isn’t really an option because of all of the jokes I have made to and about their alumni (that and I think theology books should be read and not colored in).  I am looking for something that has a flexible enough program to allow me to keep working and attend.

This isn’t a career move but it more of a response to my love of theology and a desire to keep learning.  If you have any suggestions or warnings, let me know via e-mail or in the comments.

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  1. Actually, Briercrest has one of the best distance learning programs around, which is probably exactly what you need.

    (Incidentally, it’s “BriErcrest”, so your link doesn’t work.)


  2. There’s always Berkeley. Flexibility is guaranteed! And yesterday was 70 degrees (21 canadian). We have hockey, and, remember, Zamboni was a Californian.

  3. I tried leaving a link, but the comments were not posted with the link in there, so I’ll just say I’d recommend Biblical Seminary’s online Missional Theology program.

  4. Jordon, you may want to look into Org Leadership. Gonzaga and many other’s have a great online program. I took it. It’s only 24k and was a great balance between human development, social justice, leadership and philosophy.

  5. Hello Jordan. Your blog is a favourite of one of the journalists for the Toronto Star newspaper and that is where I found out about you…a bit.

    Your thought of returing to more theological education is intriguing. I am an old theologue and did not finish my M.Div either. But I have been really impressed by two Canadian theological schools which I think you might like, a lot. One is the Vancouver School of Theology in Vancouver ( NOT to be confused with Regent College in the same city). The second is here in Nova Scotia, The Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax, Nocva Scotia. Both of these schools have excellent faculties, fine reputatons for solid theology and best of all are very ecumenical. You may know about them already…if not do have a look at both of their websites.

    Best wishes, Diane V.

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