New Design

I took some time yesterday to keep tweaking the site and the design to make it a little more personal.

  • The header images are all my photos and over the next couple of weeks I will be adding some more to the rotation.  I haven’t decided to keep them rotating or change them up monthly but time will tell which way I go with it.
  • The favicon is finally back. (that may not mean anything to you but I missed it a lot)
  • Pages now have a different look from the post pages.  This separates the blog part of the site from the other content.
  • The Contextless Links will no longer be handled by and will be handled by me again.

I still need to do some things.

  • The archives and categories are moving to their own page.
  • Some of the old emerging church content from my old Blogger and Dreamweaver powered site is coming back.
  • The Quote Library still needs a lot of work.

I am still undecided if my recent Tweets should or should not be published to the blog.  You can let me know what you think in the comments.

3 thoughts on “New Design”

  1. i always love the understated design of your blog. you never seem to lose that.
    as for the tweets, i dig having them widgetized into my sidebar. they get their place but don’t clutter the main feed.

  2. nice look, jordon. clean and sharp. i need to do something to mine now.

    hey- i read a book last week on john rae, who explored all over canada and discovered the northwest passage, as well as hte fate of the franklin expedition. he was from stromness, orkney, where i live right now.

  3. Kill the bleepin tweets man. I love you but don’t need to see that shit come across my desk twice* every time

    * (twitter client and rss reader)

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