Missional Tribe Launched

Missional Tribe LogoIn amidst the activity that has been my life lately, several friends have done an excellent job and launched Missional Tribe, which is a hybrid social networking site and portal for those engaged in the discussion and praxis of the missional church around the world.  The implementation of the technology that powers the site is amazing and the team has done an excellent job pulling it all together.  The community has responded as well and everyday there are new bits and bytes being posted worth reading.

I am registered over there but I haven’t had much time to do anything other than look around.  When I get some time in two weeks (that is such a depressing thought), I will fix up my profile and respond to the friend requests.

One thought on “Missional Tribe Launched”

  1. What would be very cool is if you’d post some video at MT! Along with the good writing you do. I can’t remember what you ended up getting as a video camera but your visual story telling would really add to the purpose of the site. (Just my 2 cents worth.)

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