Chris Bosh dunking As I unwind tonight, I am watching the Raptors play the New Jersey Nets.  I am just going to come out and say this after watching many Toronto Raptors this season.  I think Chris Bosh is over rated.

Yes he is athletic and gets to the free throw line a lot but Raptor fans somehow think it will be the end of the world is Bosh opts out in 2010.  Losing talent is tough but Bosh seems to score a lot of quiet points and while he loves that jump shot at the top of the key, he misses that shot a lot.  Bosh is considered one of the three untouchables in Toronto but I say trade him now and get something back in value for him.  Build around Bagnarni and Calderon.  I know this will never happen and in 2010, he will be leave for New York or Cleveland but with the Raptors season slipping away, why not build a real title contender as opposed to a 40 win team.  I know the “eighth and final playoff spot” is the Toronto civic slogan but “Championship” has a nice ring to it as well.

4 thoughts on “Bosh”

  1. the raps are currently one of the teams that are in the running for one of the big 2010 contracts. bosh being the main option. he’s a leader, plain and simple. reliable and powerful. while bargnani has shown something lately he still isn’t reliable enough to build around. bosh is there now and seems like he will be dependable for leadership and stats for the next decade so i’m not sure why the raps should give that up.

    as for watching the game tonight.. i envy you. it seems that almost no one in the toronto area can watch their team when they are on blasted tsn2

  2. I don’t know David, I have only watched 10 or so games this year and while he collects his points, I don’t think of him as dominant. He reminds of me Sean Elliot in some ways. He puts up points consistently but I don’t know if this is the guy the franchise wants to build around.

    I guess what I am saying is that I wonder if he is the “franchise player” people say he is.

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